Light Painting

Lightpainting is a photographic technique that has always fascinated me. The magic of the atmospheres of the still lifes of Harold ross I was inspired in the first decade of the 2000, but it was only with the proliferation in the last years of the works of the artists of the Light Painting World Alliance, Which Tom hill, Maria SaggeseJason Rinehart, that my passion literally exploded. It is probably also due to my scientific studies, but being able to manage light as if it were matter, to create things, then landscapes and at the end of real paintings, awakens in me the same fascination as when at the University I heard about the first time of “wave-particle duality”. 

From 2018 onwards this is how my research on brushes and transparent materials began that would allow me to appropriate the gestures of the painter to do with light what the painter does. With the Polaroid, this research has intensified, fueled by the fascination of the possibility of creating unique works, not exactly reproducible, restoring value to the material, which has unfortunately disappeared in the era of digital photography. And in the end, here they are my works, in the continuous pursuit of new ways to do what I still can't do, and in an attempt to make it systematic and less random (but not entirely, because the unpredictability has its charm. ) what I do. Yet every day I discover something new!