My story

My name is Felicita Russo. My love affair with photography begins about 30 years ago with astronomical photography, which introduced me to development and printing in black and white. From there to be fascinated by infrared photography the pace was short (metaphorically since it required much more than 10 years) and with the help of digital photography, which in the meantime was beginning to make headway and be available also to the amateur photographer, has definitely conquered a piece of my heart that will always belong to her. Hand in hand with analogue infrared photography, thanks to a book on manipulating the Polaroids, I came into contact with instant photography and purchased a vintage SX-70 polaroid, which I still have. The infatuation with the techniques of manipulation and transfer of images is unfortunately destined to have a short life since in a few years the Polaroid would have discontinued the production of films.

But one day, while I realized that I kept my left-70 only as a historical relic, the Impossible project decided to save the production of the Polaroids. Today that the polaroid originals has risen from its ashes I finally had the chance to throw myself back into instant photography with both hands, trying to reconcile it and contaminate it with the lightpainting technique, to which thanks to digital I have been dedicating myself almost exclusively for a couple of years this part.

These pages will try to tell a little about what I do in photography and I hope through them that I can get in touch with other photographers or photography enthusiasts, as well as models and models, for possible collaborations. If you are interested you can contact me at