My light

My name is Felicita Russo. My love affair with photography began about 30 years ago with astrophotography, which introduced me to black and white development and printing. From that moment I have been fascinated by different types of photography, from analogue infrared to digital photography through instant photography.

I have a degree and a doctorate in Physics and for years I have worked in the laboratory dealing with lasers. Because of my studies I have always been interested in the various aspects of light and how it interacts with matter, changes and transforms when it is refracted and filtered. Furthermore, it has always struck me how light can be our main means of knowing the reality that surrounds us, not necessarily to see with our eyes. During my studies, for example, I happened to use the light coming from the sun to obtain information on its rotation speed and magnetic field and despite many years have passed since then, it continues to amaze me.

In recent years I have reflected a lot on my photography and on what was the common thread that has accompanied me all these years, through many different techniques. I realized that, although photography means writing with light, in photography one is often "satisfied" with capturing the light only after it has interacted with objects or people, but never directly. So I thought it might be interesting instead to try to photograph the light directly, minimizing the intermediaries between me and her. This is how I approached lightpainting and, subsequently, photography without a camera, and I feel I have embarked on a very long journey of which I can only anticipate a small part. And everything I've done so far has finally connected, like an articulated path but which I didn't know was a single, personal, fantastic journey to explore the light.